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Product Version: 3.8.3
App Language: English
Cost: Paid
Made By: Ninja Kiwi
Review Score: 98%
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Bloons Tower Defence 5 Review

I didn’t think I will like Bloons. It seemed to be the kind of thing kids play or maybe my little sister. However, to my big surprise, after reviewing it for a little while (our average review time is about 2 hours per game), I feel deeply in love with this game. It is so addictive and fun and has so many strategy elements that surpass and are far greater than regular tower defence game.

At the beginning, actually, I was a bit confused with the concept of the game. I had a recollection of playing an older title in the Bloons series a few years ago but it was totally different compared to this one. Originally, It wasn’t so action packed. You had time to choose the strength and angle of the cannon you used to pop the ballons (yea, I know, bloons…), but that was years ago and at that time I downloaded the game on my pc or laptop (it was actually web based, but I managed to find a way to download bloons for pc. That was a different time, and there was no apk download necessary. This time around, the developers changed the game and made it completely different.

The goal of the game is to pop as many of the balloons that are making their way to your screen at an ever increasing speed. The easiest ones to pop are the red baloons, which require a single shot of your cannon. There are baloons of various colors, some baloons require multiple shots to pop, while others actually contain other baloons inside them that reveal themselves after you pop them.

The game is called a tower defence game, as what you actually control in the game are towers. As you play the game and accumulate points and in-game currency you can purchase better towers that enable you to pop more baloons and at a faster speed. The better your tower is, the better your chance to get more pops and accumulate more points. This way you can unlock more towers and more game modes. Get the point? It is super addictive.

As I mentioned, the game was available in the past mostly as flash-based web game. Today, with the latest version of Bloons Tower Defence 5 (or BTD, sometime referred to as BTD5), you can play the game on multiple platforms. Bloons TD5 is available for download on the appstore (for iPhone or iPad) and on Google Play for android. You can download  Bloons for PC, Mac, Laptop and Desktop with the right configuration.

I downloaded Bloons TD5 on my daughter’s iPhone and my son’s Samsung phone and they both seemed to enjoy it a lot. They spent hours playing the games, and both ranked it as one of their favorites this year.